Monday, March 30, 2009

Week of Freedom: Wednesday

And on the third day of Christmas, it occurred to me that maybe these posts would be more interesting if I just mentioned our activities, rather than making you read about every time I read a blog post or pick my nose or whatever. So this time, you get a summary. (I don't know who "you" is, since I don't actually have any readers. But then if this is being read, I guess I do. If a post falls on the blog and no one is there to read it, does it make a sound??)

Lunch (for me) was a sausage dog and microwave mac & cheese. Yum!

Then the neighbors came over to shut off the electricity to the old trailer we're having torn down so the poor guy doing the work doesn't get electrocuted and die, and also to rudely helpfully nag suggest that I get a "nice government job". Apparently being without a job for three days is unacceptable and totally everyone's business to correct. Yeaaaah.

AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN! It was warm, so we decided to go in the wading pool. See, a few weeks ago it got pretty hot, and this being Florida we assumed it was going to stay that way from now until, oh, Thanksgiving. So I went and bought an 8-foot-across, 18-inch deep wading pool to cool off in.

And then it got cold. By "cold" I mean approximately 67 degrees, which probably sounds like July to some of you crazy people up north in the snow, but to me 67 degrees means autumn. So the last couple of weeks, every trip outside has resulted in the following stream of pestering, from me to my mom:

"Why is it so cold?"
"When is it going to get warm?"
"Did the weatherman say it's going to get warm soon?"
"Why isn't it warm yet?"
"You mean it isn't going to get warm until THURSDAY?!?"

And so on. So today it was finally warm enough to go in the pool, although the water was ice cold since this was the first warm day in a couple weeks, so we froze a little. We also took the radio outside and blasted 60s hippie music like the Hollies and the Lovin' Spoonful, since the pool inspires childhood nostalgia. (Note that I was born in 1985. We move forward slowly around here.) I managed to get approximately 5 seconds of video of Frieda playing in the grass before the camera said MEMORY CARD FULL like a big party-pooping jerk. At some point I got on the trampoline to get warm, and looked down through the trampoline at Frieda underneath, and she kept jumping up to try and get to me. This was very funny, but I didn't get video of THAT because my memory card is full. Bah.

I do think I'm still "dejobbing" in a way. Life is good, much better than it was a week ago for sure, but not exciting and sparkly yet. That's going to take a little while. The voices of "live this way or else" are still stuck in my head and will take some time to dislodge. Right now I seem to be spending more time whining about cultural norms than cheerfully defying them. I spent about an hour ranting to Roni* about society's expectations of every single person to have a job, and then decided I needed to energize myself. A very hot bath with loud rock music playing helped a little, but I stayed in too long and crashed again. I tried to lay down, but I was sort of restless, so I got online.

A friend of mine was having some issues and needed to talk, so we talked for about 2 hours. Then at 8:00 I watched The Presidents on TV, and then Sarah (the person, not the dog) called and told me a little about the camping trip we're going on in April. I finished watching the presidents show, then listened to a talk on unschooling while straightening my room some. Sarah and I had made plans to play Magic: The Gathering the next day, so I looked through the Magic website a little. Then I went to sleep listening to music and watching Winamp visualizations.

*I can't remember the last time I had a conversation with Roni that wasn't mostly ranting. Poor Roni.

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