Posts That Don't Suck (Or So I've Been Told)

Since I use my blog as a general braindump/ranting space, it collects a fair bit of chaff. Here's the wheat.

How watching TV made me a better person than my ancestors.

A child is like a box of chocolates... you know how the rest of that goes.

A tribute to my late mother. Part of Ronnie Maier and Flo Gascon's "I Am That Mom/Dad" blog carnival.

If you whine about a star, you'll never get to wish upon it.

My life is not quite as dismal as this post makes it sound, but it seemed to strike a chord.

We are more than X and Y.

Dispelling some myths about how unschoolers live, give, and consume.

Life is not a game of chess... but some people want it to be.

Dear me, keep being me. Love, me.

It means more than just "Give me something to do."

Sometimes, people who ask a question don't want to know the answer.

My answers to a really fun and interesting meme that was going around, mid-2009.