Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is a blog.

I haven't written in ages because everything I try to write lately is crap, but I figure if I'm afraid to write crap I won't write anything good either, so here is some crap about nothing. Um, it worked for Seinfeld, right?

I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And a giant cup of English breakfast tea with two tea bags in it. I have not had any of the tea yet because it is too hot and I am already flitting around the house having detailed conversations with the cats and pondering the biological reason why people have the instinct to wiggle our toes. (I think it has to do with circulation.) Today is going to be an interesting day I think.

Plans for today, besides work, include drinking more tea and going to the library to look for books and do Khan Academy math. I live on the edge.

It is Tuesday, so I also need to inject manliness into my thigh, which isn't as dirty as it sounds, which I guess this is a good place to mention I have been on testosterone for a few (three and a half I think?) months. My voice is dropping but not enough that people just take it for granted that I'm male yet. The interesting thing about testosterone injections (needlephobic people SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH NOW) is that the correct way to do it is to stab yourself as quickly as possible. If you inject it slowly and carefully, it hurts a LOT, but if you jam that motherfucker into your leg as fast as you can you don't feel a thing. I literally spent two months being coached by a nurse to stab myself faster. Fortunately I am not afraid of needles and I'm comfortable with medical-type situations.

I have a lot of plans coming up! This past weekend (I know that's not a plan, but it was the first of several weekends of doing things) I went to see an unschooling family in New Hampshire, and next weekend I'm going to an unschooling gathering in Massachusetts, and the next weekend I have game night with my Young Adults Group at church and then the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Then I have Thanksgiving plans with yet one more unschooling family, then the weekend after that yet another unschooling family is having a gathering. Also, some friends are planning a Doctor Who-themed gathering in the late winter. I don't care much for Doctor Who, but I care a lot about a lot of people who care a lot about Doctor Who, so I am excited for that. Plus having stuff to break up the tedium of late winter is always a good thing.

Okay I think it is time to go stab myself in the leg now. Kthxbai.