Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flies and Honey

This is an addendum to my previous post. I know that the main reason these comments about Christians slip out is because there is, unfortunately, a rather large segment of the homeschooling population who are harsh and controlling with their children, and most (though not all) are motivated by religion. I'm not saying we shouldn't be critical of that practice!

But the Christians who *don't* homeschool that way often feel just as out of place in the homeschooling community as unschoolers do, which is why it is extra important for us to be careful not to unintentionally exclude them. If they can't turn to their religious community because it frowns on unschooling, and they can't turn to the unschooling community because it appears to frown on their religion, they're in kind of a catch-22. Perhaps if religious people feel safer among unschoolers, there will be an increase in Christians who are willing to consider unschooling.

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Reckless Love and Bold Adventure said...

I hope I haven't been a guilty party here but I'm afraid I may, at some point, done this exact thing. Making assumptions and putting people in boxes are things I despise most for anyone to do to me and I apologize for doing it to anyone else. Unschooling is a wonderful way to live and I hope that anyone who we cross paths with can see that by our actions.

Side, Bonnie, why is this the first I've known of this blog??? LOL geez!