Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on the Haiti Fundraiser

I mentioned in this post that a Livejournal community I'm in has been making donations to UNICEF for help in Haiti. At that point, we were just shy of $8,000. We've now reached over $15,000.

That's $15,000 raised in two days.

$15,000 raised mostly by people in their early 20s, many of whom are in college and are already living off ramen as it is. This has done a lot to renew my faith in the human spirit.

We've also been posting about this on Twitter, and so far we've been retweeted by:

Zachary Quinto
Simon Pegg
Neil Gaiman
Tyler Shields
Wendi Lynn
CNN iReport

That's a big deal not because attention from celebrities is awesome (though it is), but because these people have thousands of followers. Hopefully most of those followers would have donated somewhere anyway if they were able, but star power can be influential. (Hence why my Twitter feed is mostly full of me bugging Star Trek actors right now. Some of them have over a million followers.)

If you'd like to contribute to our UNICEF fund, the link is here. Some other great places to donate:

Doctors Without Borders
The American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, or International Red Cross and Red Crescent
The Salvation Army

If you can spare it, please give something somewhere. Even if it isn't much, it matters.

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