Friday, August 14, 2009


Wednesday was made of:

The bank and post office

Hanging at Keti's house and then meeting up with some more of our unschooling tribe (excluding Maria, who has Panera-induced amnesia) at Panera Bread and then moving to Barnes and Noble

Coming home and baking a cake from scratch (I came in my room without saying anything and looked up a cake recipe, and when I went to the kitchen to start on it my mom said "Hey, will you bake a cake?")

Reminding myself - the hard, burnt, crusty, smelly way - why I should never try to make caramel

Thursday was made of:

-Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
-Giving Roni advice on working with autistic kids
-Our Dumb World and Engrish
-Dan Brown Universe

-Angst (hey, not every day is all fun all the time)
-Tears for Fears

Friday was made of:

-Making homemade Chinese food
-The Simpsons
-More ATCs
-More DDR
-Getting a plane ticket
-Making a scrapbook-y sort of cover for a notebook
-Writing a packing list
-Trying to make a chart of guitar chords for my wall while the book of chords was being sat on and chewed by a kitten

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