Monday, August 10, 2009


I keep logs of my days - not every day, but one or two a week, when I feel like it - just in case I start doubting myself - I can look back and have proof that I don't "sit around doing nothing".

Today was made of:

The history of Singapore and Malaysia

Rosetta Stone German practice

Super Mario 64

Looking at Mongolia on Google Earth

Young Frankenstein

Mental Floss books

Genesis (as in Peter and Phil, not as in Adam and Eve, or Sonic and Knuckles)

Fried chicken and baked beans

Looking up stuff to do around town

Making lists

80s music

Trivial Pursuit and mancala

Watching a kitten and a dachshund run around and around and around and around (this is every day)

Examining glass marbles from the 1920s, looking up how marbles are made

Browsing cookie recipes

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


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