Wednesday, September 2, 2009


One last blog about NEUC before I head off to Dragoncon.

I've been trying to capture something of the essence of NEUC, the feeling that made it so special for me, and so far I feel like I've missed the mark. But now I think I know what it is. It's not just that I had a blast - even though I did. It's not just that I listened to some great discussions - even though I did. It's not just that I made awesome friends - even though I did.

It's that all the stuff I did, the talks I went to, and the friends I made were so profoundly inspiring.

I'm inspired to blog more, and not fret so much if I don't get any comments.

To start my own business instead of getting a job working for someone else.

To stop hiding my various differences, because when I do that I'm hiding myself.

To stop hiding myself in the more literal, not leaving the house sense.

To travel the world. To believe that I can travel the world.

To look at obstacles to my goals not as impassable roadblocks, but as walls that can be climbed.

To say hi to people, ask questions, start conversations.

To be more loving and less judgemental.

To care more about the environment, even if I see serious problems with the trendy, oversimplified, superficial green movement that has emerged in the past year.

To realize that I can recognize and address the problems in the world without carrying them on my shoulders.

To study physics, because it makes me feel more religious than religion ever did.

To watch more anime, because I stopped paying attention around the time Cowboy Bebop and NGE were popular (and I never even finished watching those).

To try and speak at some conferences. At least to consider it.

To bust out my guitar once in awhile, because it's so much fun to be able to just entertain your friends while they sit in a circle, and that kind of thing is the original reason I got interested in the guitar.

To be myself, be confident, and be open.

And to go to more conferences, to see these cool people again!


gail said...

Hi Bonnie! I've loved reading Every Post you've written about the conference. All so cool. Hope to see you very soon.

eli said...

I agree all these posts have been awesome! I definitely think you should speak at some conferences: I'm gonna recommend you! I love your list.

Of course I like the bit about working for yourself and travelling. But I also like the thing about studying more physics "because it always made me feel more religious than religion ever did."

I've had the same experience with studying other things that usually just go in the academic category: calculus used to make me so excited!

Anyway I really look forward to reading more of your posts! Keeping putting them up on Facebook to share with everyone.

eli said...

Also, something that might help you get more comments is changing the settings for how people can leave comments! I can only leave a comment if I have an account with Wordpress, AIM, Google etc. I have a blog by Wordpress but wordpress is not in my url so I can't use that.

I happen to have a Google account that I don't really use so I've been using that.

But usually there's an option to leave a comment with just with an (unpublished) e-mail and any name, plus a url if you have one. That'd just make it easier for people to leave comments (including me!).

Getting comments really does help. And I really appreciated your comments over at my blog today about true freedom and purpose!

Debbie said...

Wow! It's awesome to see what the conference and people there have inspired you to do.

Zenmomma said...

I love reading about people's experiences at the conferences. You've inspired ME to make the next LIFE is Good Conference even better. Wonderful post.