Thursday, July 23, 2009

Set phasers to dumb

Yep, it's that time of year again, tomorrow is...


Last year I tried learning nothing without a plan, which didn't work well. The computer was too tempting! So this year I brainstormed some activities that I can maybe kinda sorta not learn from. Here's the plan:

Activities will consist of:

*Lying in bed in a stupor for as long as possible
*Lying around on the beach without examining any wildlife or talking to anyone
*Not reading anything
*Resisting the urge to drive around Fernandina and explore the shops (an effort that will be made easier by the fact that I should be wet and sandy and gross by this point)

Activities will consist of:

*Watching movies I have seen multiple times
*Playing simple video games I have beaten repeatedly
*Listening to CDs I have had memorized since I was about 15
*Either avoiding my friends or persistently redirecting all conversations to "your mom" jokes and poop references (assuming we are not talking about that already)
*Avoiding Twitter and Wikipedia the way a recovering alcoholic avoids liquor

Activities will consist of:

*Playing board games that don't require much thought for someone my age, which pretty much narrows it down to Candyland
*Dangling shiny objects in front of the cats and giggling
*Staring into space
*Counting down the hours until I can watch Star Trek again

Activities may change due to varying circumstances, such as if it rains, or if trying not to learn leaves me weeping in the fetal position. I'll be back this weekend with a report of how the day went!


gail said...

Too Funny, Bonnie!! Good Luck with all that! I have 4 minutes till it's Friday to get off the computer for anything besides mindless games of Pathwords...

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Whoops - I see some counting in that plan!