Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Connections are weird

I love finding connections. Sometimes they are serendipitous and weird. Those are the coolest ones.

Yesterday at some point, William Shatner was the top trending topic on Twitter. I was a little alarmed 'cause I thought he was dead. Turns out he was just on Conan (isn't he always on Conan these days?), reciting part of Sarah Palin's farewell address as a beat poem.

I went and looked up the original Sarah Palin speech, and it did indeed contain all the weird phrases Shatner recited, including something about "north to Alaska" that I figured must be some kind of reference to something.

Today I had on an oldies station on Yahoo radio. They played some Beatles, some Marvin Gaye... and then "North to Alaska" by Johnny Horton.

I like Johnny Horton. I know about him because of "The Battle of New Orleans", which I know because of a parody called "The War of 1812" by Three Dead Trolls in A Baggie. Which I know from AMV Hell 3, which my friends got me to watch years ago.

The DJ on the radio was saying people who like Johnny Horton should look up "All for the Love of a Girl". I looked it up and didn't like it too much - too slow. But on the way there I found a video of "North to Alaska" that had a description explaining how the song is about the Gold Rush.

If you can get from Star Trek to the Gold Rush, you can connect anything.

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