Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New blogs

I want this blog to be my main anchor and be sort of varied, so I made two specialty blogs to keep it uncluttered.

One is Daisy Chains and Laughs, which is just for jotting down what I do each day. I was writing this in a notepad file, but I like the idea of having this stuff backed up somewhere online. Plus, I like reading what other people do each day, so I figured somebody else may enjoy that too.

The other is The Musical Box, which I'm saving specifically for writing about music. (Music posts would quickly overtake this entire blog if I put them here.) I was using last.fm for that, but something about the way the blogging there works bugs me. Plus I want to keep things together on Blogger more, since I have a tendency to strew blogs all across the internet.

Both of those blogs are completely self-indulgent and I offer no promises that they're not totally boring ;)

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