Friday, June 5, 2009

My Friday

I'm aaalmost hesitant to post this, because it's such an atypical day for me. I rarely watch more than an hour or two of TV a day - not that I think watching TV is bad, provided you're actually watching things you care about and not just wasting time on any random thing that comes on. But today, in which I watched 5+ hours (!) of TV/DVDs is just not representative of the variety of different stuff I usually do. So just keep that in mind. It was a fun day though!


I woke up at... err, 1:15. While I waited for my lunch to heat up I got on the computer and read a few blogs and things... then while I ate (chicken sandwich and tater tots) I put on the first episode of Star Trek TNG, because I'm sending it back to Netflix soon. The first ep is long like a movie and I want to clean today. I like a movie on in the background (one I've seen before) when I clean.

I stopped in the living room to play with my kitten, Dot, a little. I noticed my lower back is hurting a little, and I'm hoping I don't have a kidney infection. I still really want to clean.

I start cleaning but I keep getting frustrated... I have TOO MUCH STUFF and nowhere to put it all! It doesn't help that my bed is in a corner, so I can't use all the drawers underneath it. And I keep running into old junk my ex left here, even though we broke up three years ago.

Watching Eddie Izzard... still cleaning, and chatting with Roni and Justina. My mom brought me some strawberry shortcake about 4:30. I cleaned out the cabinet in my computer desk and put my art suppies in there, and put some books in the shelf that I might reference a lot while at the computer. I think that's about all the cleaning I'm doing for today.

By then it was almost time for dinner so I listened to music, played the Sims, and chatted a little with Fez, who is about to fly off to England. I also tried to read a little of Lord of the Rings but I kept getting distracted (by the animals, and by this stupid song getting stuck in my head. I like almost everything Leonard Nimoy has done, but singing is a major exception).

After dinner Mama wanted me to give her a haircut so I did. I'm not thrilled with how it came out, but she likes it. I just have no experience cutting straight hair. Mine is so frizzy you can't even tell if it's cut straight or not, so I can take some liberties with it :p

At 8:30 I came back to the computer to update this and talk to Fez, Val and Spiffy (not all together).

Around 9 I decided to take a bath. My mom had a radio on in one room and an 80s CD playing in another, so from the bathroom I could hear - simultaneously - an evangelical, end-of-the-world Christian preacher, and Twisted Sister. That's my house, folks.

Came back to the computer to talk to Spiffy. I realized that today has been a productive day, but it hasn't been a sparkly super-fun day. I decided to do a music survey on Myspace since those usually put me in a good mood... but then I wasn't getting good answers and decided to scrap it. Actually I was feeling bleh in general by this point, so I listened to music in the dark for awhile. (That sounds depressing written down, but it's one of my favorite ways to relax.)

Watched part of a Genesis concert DVD, and then an ep of Star Trek. I usually never spend this much time watching stuff, but then I also don't normally clean my room and give someone a haircut (which took an unreasonably long time), so I guess it balances out.

I spent the rest of the evening (using the term loosely, since it was well past midnight by this point) listening to music, watching the Daily Show and posting this.

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