Monday, August 18, 2008

My iPod

I have a 2gig iPod Nano, which only holds about 400 songs. (For me, that's not very many.) So I have to update the contents fairly often, and today I did a pretty big update on it. I was curious as to how much of each artist I have, so I made a list :) These are the artists where I had five songs or more:

Queen - 40
Peter Gabriel - 23
Pink Floyd - 22
David Bowie - 18
Pet Shop Boys - 17
The Beatles - 16
Rammstein - 14
Erasure - 13
Depeche Mode - 12
The Cure - 10
Genesis - 9
Michael Jackson - 9
The Whitlams - 6
Prince - 6
Tears for Fears - 5
Stevie Wonder - 5
Kraftwerk - 5
Home Video - 5
E Nomine - 5
Cyndi Lauper - 5

That's just a small sample of my taste in music right now. I was surprised I didn't have more Depeche Mode, and I didn't know I had that much of The Cure, but everything else is about where I thought it would be. And the proportions are pretty much exactly in the order of how much I've been listening to each band lately (with the exception that I listen to Genesis an awful lot and Erasure not that much, but I *used* to listen to Erasure almost constantly.) I find it oddly satisfying when I see that the numbers match the little meter in my head of "I listen to this less than this, but more than this other thing". I guess that's another quirk for the list.

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