Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The last four days

I'm retroactively declaring this to have been a four-day weekend. You can do that, when you're unemployed ;)

It was a good one.

I went to the gay club, and sang at the piano bar, and saw drag queens. I learned that bubblegum vodka tastes like that nasty swish stuff they make little kids do at school. Blech.

I had a friend stay the night, and we played Scrabble and watched Queen. I made a 75-point word: vaporize, on a triple word score.

I poked around on TVTropes. I always learn things there: much about literature and psychology, but sometimes science or history too.

I watched all the Three Minute Philosophy videos (warning: gratuitous, and hilarious, use of the word "fuck".)

I played around in Gimp and learned how to make animated .gifs and use the clone tool.

I ran outside in the absolutely gorgeous, 60-degree fall weather that FINALLY came to Florida.

I took part in a forum discussion analyzing an episode of Star Trek.

Fez showed me some Kingdom Hearts music I hadn't heard, and I showed him some classical music he hadn't heard. They're not that different sometimes. I also discovered there are piano tutorials that work like Guitar Hero.

I cleaned the house, and I made homemade Chinese food. Protip: when a recipe says to use rice vinegar and rice wine, they mean it. Don't use white vinegar and no wine.

I hung a tire swing, and in the process learned about knot-tying. (They didn't teach us that in Girl Scouts, you see. Too busy painting our nails.)

I discovered that making a to-do list works better if you also include stuff you want to do.

I watched the season premiere of The Venture Bros., and I tried to watch The Big Bang Theory, but it was interrupted by a special news report.

And finally, I talked to an old friend who has been depressed for years and, until recently, getting worse. Now he's better, and happy.

Even living alone and with no money, this life is not so bad.

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Rainbow Rivers said...

Sounds like a fun-filled 4 day weekend! Came across your blog and am really enjoying what you have to say!